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ICIC2014 Venue & Tour  

2014 International Conference on Intelligent Computing (ICIC2014)
August 3-6, 2014
Taiyuan, China

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Conference Venue

ICIC2014 Conference Venue is Shanxi Huanghe Jingdu Grand Hotel ( http://www.huanghehotel.com/main.asp), which is a four star hotel built by Jingdu Huanghe Capital Management Group in Taiyuan. It is located in no. 19, Pingyang road, Taiyuan, and has a total area of 48000 square meters. It has convenient transportation, superior geographical, and is a collection of tourism, leisure, meetings, business as one of the hotel management group. Hotel Rooms: The hotel has 229 guest rooms. There are luxury suites, business suites, top business single rooms, VIP rooms, deluxe business room, deluxe standard rooms, business standard rooms, common standard rooms, etc. Every room has comfortable environment and advanced facilities, which can make you home. Hotel Wedding Party: The hotel have enough equipment and space to hold 10 wedding party at the same time. And we hold more than 1000 wedding parties a year since 2005. Every hall is critically acclaimed, such as the crystal palace, the golden hall, the Beijing hall, the reception hall, especially the crystal palace, which has more than 1500 square meters, can hold more than 60 wedding banquet tables. The hotel is honored with "The Best Wedding Banquet Prize".




Road Map

Add.: No. 19, Pingyang road, Taiyuan, the south 200 meters of the cross of The South of Inner Ring Street and Pingyang Road, at the west of Pingyang Road.

Railway Station: It is about 6 kilometers from the railway station, you can take the bus 804,806,837 and get off at Laojunying Station, and it will take you about 30 minutes. Or you can take a taxi, it will take you about 15 minutes and RMB¥15.

Airport: It is about 15 kilometers from the airport, you can take a taxi, it will take you about 30 minutes and RMB¥50.

Room Rates

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(20 rooms)



Deluxe standard double room

(120 rooms)



Deluxe business standard double room

(24 rooms)



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(32 rooms)



Notes: 1)All rooms are equipped with free high-speed Internet access, domestic and international long-distance telephone, central air conditioning system;2)Room Rate includes breakfast; 3) For your safety, please reserve Shanxi Huanghe Jingdu Grand Hotel.

Shanxi Huanghe Jingdu Grand Hotel

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Taiyuan Impression

1. Abstract

Nanning City

      Taiyuan is Shanxi Province's provincial capital.The abbreviation and, alternate name Bingzhou, the ancient name Jin is positive.North meets Xinzhou, east Yangquan, west hands over Lu: Liang continually, notogaea Jinzhong.Is located the Shanxi Province mid-north the Jinzhong basin, is the Taiyuan economic cycle and the mid-west area important key city, the national important new material and the advanced manufacturing industry base, the historical glorious culture ancient capital.Shanxi Province's politics, culture and financial center, international exchange center.Also is China has one of cultural heritage project number most cities.It also is the Chinese outstanding traveling city, the Chinese characteristic charm city, the country historical city.The back depends on two Mt. Longshan, Fenhe River from north to south flows after the whole city, is one has 4700 remaining years of life history historical famous city, has gathered together was born the Chinese culture since the Chinese nation, has the multitudinous history scenic spot and historic resort and the humanities landscape.

2. Historical Evolution

The late Qing Dynasty (1860 -1912 years)

After signing the Beijing Treaty of 1860, foreign envoys and missionaries to be chartered in China, take missionary on behalf of and participated in the signing of the unequal treaties, collect Chinese intelligence, cultural aggression. In 1900, the eight-power allied forces into Beijing again, Empress Dowager Cixi road, Taiyuan, Shanxi merchants gathered on the ground, they wantonly plundered from taxation.

The Republic of China (1912-1949)

In 1912 after the establishment of Republic of China scrap House, saved Yang Tianlongshan grottoes Qu County, located in yangqu County, the capital of Shanxi province. After the Republican revolution of 1911, Yan Xishan's Shanxi province were cited as Dudu, established in Taiyuan, Shanxi warlord, operating for over 38 years, Shanxi, bide your time during the border better, make Shanxi one of the richest provinces of the country. In 1947, the precipitation in yangqu County town, set in Taiyuan City, the implementation of Lu-o, eight district is divided into eight districts within and outside of the city, as the capital of Shanxi province. On April 24, 1949, the people's Liberation Army captured Taiyuan.

After founding of the nation

1949 after liberation, the Taiyuan City Shanxi province people's Government station, capital city of Shanxi province. 1951 Fen Yang Jinyuan County of the Prefecture of origin revoked into Taiyuan City. 1958 xinxian area in yangqu County of origin and the area of yuci, an qingxu, jiaocheng County revoked into Taiyuan City. 1960 complex located yangqu (based in huangzhaizhen), the qingxu (based in Qingyuan Town) districts. 1972 belongs to loufan County in luliang district Taiyuan City, was placed under. By 1996, jurisdiction of gujiao is a county-level city of Taiyuan City, qingxu, yangqu, three of loufan County, downtown South, North, West, southern suburbs, northern suburbs five districts. On May 8, 1997, the adjusted administrative division of Taiyuan urban divided Xinghualing District, yingze district, xiaodian district, jiancaoping district, wanbailin district and Jinyuan. At this point, Taiyuan's six districts and three counties and one city, continues today.

3. Geographical environment

Nanning City

      Taiyuan is located the Shanxi Province boundary central committee, Taiyuan basin northmost part, middle the North China area Huanghe River valley, west, north, east three goes around a mountain, south is the river Taiyuan satellite chart The valley plain, north the whole city entire terrain Gao Nadi assumes the dust pan shape.Attendance north and south with cattail and stone taiyuan iron works route intersection point.The elevation peak is 2,670 meters, the perigee is 760 meters, the average elevation 800 meters, the geographic coordinate is approximately the east longitude 111¡ã30 ' ~113¡ã09 ', north latitude 37¡ã27 ' ~38¡ã25 '.The region outline assumes the bat shape, the thing departure approximately 144 kilometers, the north and south vertical approximately 107 kilometers.

      Located in the continent of Taiyuan City, relatively far from the East Coast, Northwest of its vast hinterland of the Eurasian continent. Climate Division in the country, belonging to the warm-temperate zone continental monsoon type climate formation primarily by solar radiation, atmospheric circulation, three factors combined effects of geographical environment. Taiyuan, Shanxi plateau in the northern hemisphere midlatitude geographical location and geographical environment, enabling it to accept the strong solar radiation, light heat relatively abundant in agricultural areas belonging to divide light utilization is high rate, while the westerly circulation control and effect of high solar radiation and its dry climate, low rainfall, big temperature difference between day and night, is the typical continental climate.

4. Culture and art

      Taiyuan is a 4,700-year history of the national historical and cultural city. Taiyuan for nine dynasties in history, more than 2000 years from the Zhou dynasty, built many magnificent buildings. From the human environment, Taiyuan in Chinese since ancient times and the Prairie heartland of ethnic interaction and conflict. From the Xia, Shang and Zhou dynasties until the song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, with Group di, Zhu Rong, Xiongnu and Xianbei respectively, and karma, and the di, Qiang, and Turk, and Uighur and the Jurchen, Khitan, and Mongolia, Manchu nationality and Han nationality to violent conflict and struggle. In the context of this history, or due to follow suit, or due to defend against external enemies, Li-kuo, Taiyuan area "human intrepid, accustomed to army horse", such as in the Tongdian of Du You say "State near di, martial arts", formed a martial spirit, intrepid, and chivalrous people. Taiyuan "times of excellence", "Kennedy and since ancient times".

Taiyuan Attractions

1. Mt. Longshan rock cave

Nanning City

      Stone statue of Taoism in the Grotto yunlong 8 66 statues, reliefs and double Phoenix caisson, crane and many other stone carvings. Statue style is simple, concise, and high-minded, mouse compact and folds are distinct, and the Buddhism rock cave statue in different styles. Some sides and anterior wall of the shrine still has words in Yuan dynasty. Statues to combine multiple take form of Buddhist statues, no obvious features. Three clear hole wall carving the supreme deity of Taoism ¨C the beginning Tianzun, too on the road June, Lao Zi, respectively, surrounded on both sides sitting on duty to God, west wall engraved with Li Zhiquan. Positive statue (beginning Tianzun) 1.7 meters high, Shan grottoes Its road on the left and right too grand, Lao Zi is 1.65 meters high; the duty of God on both sides high, 1.6, 1.4 m. Statue is broken, intact only to one-third. Horizontal holes (or rose fairy Cave) median leading liters, Lu Tung-pin, a Taoist priest clothing, pillow right flank lying, such as Buddha's Nirvana, curling Tong Gongli or so. Three Magus shrine in seven real shrine, Phoenix tattoo, dragon tattoo at the top caisson is quite exquisite, called share. Longshan statue carving and simple as a whole, the image is wonderful, the lack of change, more rigid.

2. West Mountain Great Buddha

Nanning City

      Buddha in Xishan, also known as mengshan Buddha, located in Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province more than 20 kilometres south-west of Monsanto. Xishan Buddha is located Yu Monsanto North Peak of Yang, South to, according to mountain chisel system, due to years long rain erosion, rock surface weathered serious, condition its exposed tall of chest neck peeling of Department also long out small tree k, lost its original of style, to people not known its for year Wei wei of Buddha, stand Buddha chest WINS between and not known, no wonder past exploration Buddha who lament "Buddha has not exists has", "only left mess stone just". Western hills of jinyang exposed chest and neck portion of the Buddha, 17. 5 m, wide 25 m, neck diameter wide 5 m, Tang recorded "high 200 feet", by Tang General feet calculation about collection this 63 m, only below my Sichuan Leshan Buddha (high 71 m) 8 m, than past Western by said "world first Buddha" Afghanistan Bamiyan Buddha (Bamiyan, high 53 m) high 10 m, by chisel system era, Western on "BA" Buddha visits not Qing, think "BA" Buddha chisel Yu "three to Seventh century" Zhijian, this is a not precise of estimated digital, and I Jin Yang Xishan Buddha, Historical North Qi Tianbao chisels that are explicitly documented in the second year (551), in the Sixth Century. Such as "BA" dig in "the Seventh century", I jinyang West mountain giant Buddha a century earlier. Year of the Leshan giant Buddha in China dig in Tang dynasty Kaiyuan (713) 162 years earlier. Accordingly, on the heights, Western hills of jinyang Buddha is the world's second big Buddha, on age is world's first large-scale stone Buddhist statues.

3. Confucious temple

Nanning City

      Confucian temple, commemorates the sacrifice of a great thinker and educator Confucius temple buildings in China, in the past also known as Temple of the change of dynasty, master of the Confucius Temple, to the temple, the first temple, the first temple, Temple of Wen Xuanwang, especially in the temple's name is more common. Due to the establishment of Confucius in Confucian thought for maintaining stability and to the important role played by Community rule, the feudal dynasties of past ages of Confucius ' respect and solicitude, holes as a national event for temple worship, by the Ming and Qing periods, each State, Government House, where the County has Confucius or Confucian temple. Regulation of its many volumes, high exquisite construction technology and art, types of ancient architecture in China, was the most prominent one, is extremely important part of the cultural heritage of ancient China.

4. Jin Yang Tai Koo Shing

Nanning City

      Jinyang, Taiyuan City, was built in the spring and Autumn period Zhou King 23 years (497 BC), burned in the Northern Song dynasty and rejuvenating the seven years (979), the earliest is found in the charge of the left Rue 13 years "autumn, Zhao Yang Yu Jinyang to apostasy." Yangcheng, Shanxi army and special place in the history, as Zhao Guochu, Han Jin Kancheng, North and Eastern Wei Overlord Qi Biedou, Tang Beijing renowned rivers North and South. In the development of national, yangcheng, Shanxi is China agricultural ties with northern nomadic culture exchange, integration and stage, people of all ethnic groups to live together for the development of harmony home. Today, drowning in green village homes under the city, its magnificent ruins different vicissitudes of life from sapling is still bursting with color.

5. Day Mt. Longshan

Nanning City

      Day Mt. Longshan not only is the day Mt. Longshan country forest park main scenic area, also is the nature protection area which the Shanxi provincial government authorizes to set up.The appearance of the mountain is precipitous, the high peak stands upright, the gully is profound, the mountain road rotation, the pine and cypress supports, onion strongly fragrant green, has the coiled dragon pine, the phoenix pine, the pine hugs on the cypress, the stone the cypress, the towering pine and so on the rare and precious old tree, the scenery is extremely beautiful, climate cool pleasant.Its humanities landscape, besides day Long Si and day dragon rock cave, but also has inundates Shan Ge, Longtan spirit Ze, the high happy summer vacation pavilion, the carved stone inscription, the Goddess of Mercy tower and so on.In 1607 (bright Wanli 35 years) Jin fence peace An Wangti had a day dragon eight, namely re-Shan Huan Xiu, the Buddha Chinese style pavilion stopped the cloud, Longtan spirit Ze, dragon Bai Pankong, the tripod with two handles peak alone zhi, the pit hole plank road, Gao Huanshu the palace, Liu Zhiqi the stone.Is a natural landscape and the humanities landscape union scenery scenic spot place.